The Problem with Playing Picasso

"When someone shows you who they are, believe them." - Maya Angelou None of us are perfect. Not a single person on this planet is without their flaws; some far bigger, more serious or irreparable than others, but no human being is without sin. How unrealistic would that be to expect that we are? A … Continue reading The Problem with Playing Picasso

When Every Day is Valentine’s Day

Ahh, Valentine's Day. Well before even finding myself in a serious relationship, I had an inexplicable soft spot for this holiday. Growing up, Valentine's Day meant elementary school parties where you'd exchange cards, stickers, and candy with your classmates. As we inch toward adulthood, however, the holiday naturally takes on a new meaning. And for … Continue reading When Every Day is Valentine’s Day

24 Things I’ve Loved About Our 24 Months as Mr. and Mrs.

Happy (slightly belated) October, everyone! We are well into my most favorite time of the year -  the weather is getting cooler (thank goodness), all things pumpkin and apple are in full effect, and the holidays are quickly approaching! It's been a minute - okay, several thousand - since my last post, but as it … Continue reading 24 Things I’ve Loved About Our 24 Months as Mr. and Mrs.