Self-Love: Learning to Be Selfish

One thing I've always especially enjoyed is how many people feel they're able to talk to me, to open up about any and everything with me, get my opinion, or ask for advice. It means a lot to me that others for some reason or another trust me or value my thoughts enough to apply … Continue reading Self-Love: Learning to Be Selfish


Wanderlust Chronicles: July’s Journeys

First and foremost, I'd like to formally apologize for my lengthier-than-usual hiatus on here, although this post will go on to explain the (good, or at least reasonable) reasoning for that. This month - which is not even over yet - has been made up entirely of beautiful, soul-enriching memory-making, with occasional spurts of chaos … Continue reading Wanderlust Chronicles: July’s Journeys

My Dogs Are My Kids and That Shouldn’t Offend You

With Mother's Day upon us, I've seen more than my fair share of this argument back and forth across a variety of social media pages, as well as a couple interesting articles making their rounds, too (usually in callous tones); Are pet owners "parents" and can animals be called their "kids"? Should they celebrate Mother's/Father's Day? My personal … Continue reading My Dogs Are My Kids and That Shouldn’t Offend You