Happiness: Past, Present, and Future

Greetings, y'all & happy (Super Bowl) Sunday! Another week has come and gone - thank you, Jesus. I do apologize for being neglectful of this page for the past month; it was a bit of a bumpy to say the very least! It seemed that time absolutely disappeared after New Years Day; before I knew it, I … Continue reading Happiness: Past, Present, and Future

(Successfully) Surviving & (Happily) Thriving.

Greetings guys! I've been slacking recently, and for that, I apologize. But I am back and as aimlessly rambling as ever! It sincerely blows my mind that Christmas is later this week - when did that happen?! It feels like just yesterday that I was begging for time to fast forward to Thanksgiving, and now … Continue reading (Successfully) Surviving & (Happily) Thriving.