My Christmas Wishlist

It isn’t called the most wonderful time of the year for nothing. To be honest, I find the entire last quarter of the year heartwarming and spectacular, but there’s something especially magical about the month of December. Despite being completely mind-blown by the fact that Christmas is a mere 3 days away (SERIOUSLY, what?!), I’ve been working so hard to relish the enchantment of this time that it’s flown right by before I could even realize it.

One thing I have noticed as the years have gone by and I’ve gotten older is that Christmas changes throughout the various stages of our lives. Many things about it changes, in fact; the meaning behind it, the way we celebrate, traditions, what we ask Santa for. When I was a child, Christmas revolved around classic claymation movies, the giddiness that was anxiously awaiting Santa’s arrival, and running downstairs as soon as we awoke to see the gifts that appeared beneath the tree from right under our noses. As a teen, the Christmas joy centered upon watching the magic unfold for my younger sisters. When Tim and I got together, I got to try my hand at integrating families and traditions for the holidays. And now that we’re married, we’re spending this heartwarming time with our family away from home and starting traditions of our very own. I can only imagine how much more fun Christmas becomes when we finally get to play the Santa role ourselves!

Something else that’s changed drastically for me that I’ve especially taken note of this year has been my wishlist. I remember being little and writing my list to Santa Claus and mailing them to the North Pole. As the years went on, the desired items on that list shifted from toys and games to clothing, electronics, and other things deemed the “latest and greatest” or “must have”. As an adult, though, whenever I’m faced with the question “What do you want for Christmas?”, I honestly find myself drawing a blank. There really isn’t anything I terribly am in need of or especially desire. Correcting myself: there are no physical items that come to mind when I’m prompted that question. I’ve seen a fair share of lists circulating online of gifts for “basic girls” or “millennials” and while they have some good ideas or cute things, even those don’t spark any ideas in me or necessarily get the cogs going. And that seemed kind of strange to me; is there really nothing I want for Christmas?

And that’s when it hit me.

The reason no material goods came to my mind when anyone asked what I wanted this holiday season was because I’m not a material goods kind of girl. The things I seek in this life overall are sentimental or non-physical. Is there anything wrong with enjoying gifts in the form of new possessions? ABSOLUTELY NOT. As someone who makes it a priority to really “live” the hell out of this life and reach the end of it (whenever that may be) with stories and memories and experiences under my belt, it makes sense that I’d prefer opportunities to do so versus most new things that probably won’t make that far. And is there anything wrong with not personally agreeing with that point of view? Again, I say NO. Not even close! People work hard all year and if they so desire a new gadget or shoes or what have you, then they deserve it. That just doesn’t happen to be the case with me.

In fact, my ideal Christmas wishlist instead would look a little something like this:

  1. More time with loved ones. Time is the single most precious, irreplaceable gift we’re given. What better way to spend it than with those we love? We’ve been blessed with some of the most wonderful people in our family by blood, as well as those bound to us by choice, and any time we get to be together is always so very near and dear to my heart.
  2. More adventures. Any opportunity to bring one of my dreams to life will forever find its place at the top of my wishlist, for Christmas and any other day of the year. I will always take memories to reminisce on over anything offered with a price tag. End of story.
  3. Good health. For myself and everyone else around me. Perhaps one of the most overlooked blessings, but one I hope and want for all.
  4. New tattoos. These may be considered a material good, but as they’re permanent and also share a sentimental tie, I consider them a personal exception to the rule.
  5. More “unplugged” time together. Less time spent staring at screens, more time spent watching sunsets, stargazing, taking in the features of those we love, and watching life unravel as it happens in the moment.
  6. New opportunities to venture outside of our comfort zone(s). Growth can only be achieved when we find ourselves on the other side of our fears – which often can only be done by trucking right through them to get there. Growth means progress, progress means moving forward, and that’s the only direction I want to go in this lifetime.
  7. Infinite time with my fur babies. No matter how many lazy day snuggles or sweet, yet slobbery kisses we may get, there never seems to be enough. One of the greatest gifts I could ever dream of would be a never-ending supply of their lovings.
  8. More fur babies to adopt. As a devout pro-adoption advocate, I’d love nothing more than to adopt all of the animals who unfortunately find themselves in shelters and give them the most wonderful home with more love than they could ever imagine.

It isn’t the longest or most extensive by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s the most I could put together and to me, it’s pretty damn near perfect.

What are you asking for Christmas this year?

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