50 Things that Say “I Love You” Far Better than Words

Love is the most diversely communicable sentiment I think we have. It is interpreted and exchanged differently between people, and each individual’s standards or perception of such varies greatly. As we approach 6 years together, Tim and I have had a decent amount of time to try and figure each other out. And even with all of that under our belt, there seems to be new things to learn each and every day. For us, we’ve long established that we mostly express our feelings through actions. Words are beautiful things (and one of my personal strong suits) and are always be nice to read or hear, but action is the outward expression of these inward feelings and really bring those eloquent sentiments to life. Below, you will find a list of just a few of the ways we communicate and continue to strengthen that love through avenues that in no way utter the words “I love you” or any variation of such, but definitely express it anyway.

  1. Memorizing my complicated restaurant orders.
  2. Drawing  a relaxing bath after a long day. Even more bonus points for the use of bath bombs.
  3. “Here, take my jacket.”
  4. Telling my family you love them, too, on phone calls and meaning it.
  5. Playing with my hair or scratching his back to help put us to sleep when we otherwise struggle to get there on our own.
  6. Believing in each other and pushing one another to be the very best we can be.
  7. Seeking out marriage enrichment activities for us to participate in so that we continue to flourish; not being intimidated by that and gravitating toward those instead of away from them out of pride.
  8. “I saw this and thought of you.” (Case in point: a Taco Bell sauce packet – that he doesn’t use – he picked up at lunch on our day date to Universal Studios that said “Let’s do this more often”. It made me laugh and completely melted me.)
  9. Always encouraging new adventures to make the most of this life we share.
  10. Explaining new things without making me feel inferior for not knowing them in the first place.
  11. Doing silly things just to make the other laugh.
  12. Listening to me talk about girl stuff.
  13. “You are so beautiful.” Specifically when I have no makeup on and my Medusa hairs flying free. (And somehow managing to make me actually believe it.)
  14. Being each other’s biggest support system in any and all of our endeavors. This man sincerely makes me believe I could climb Mount Everest if I wanted to and that is so unbelievably important.
  15. Helping each other strategize how to tackle those huge dreams and goals.
  16. Bringing even my wildest ideas to life. (And inadvertently becoming the best blanket fort maker/vanity builder I’ve ever seen)
  17. “I read your blog post today.”
  18. Offering comforting touches when they’re needed most.
  19. Leaving unexpected sweet text messages or notes.
  20. Being each other’s confidants and voice(s) of reason(s). I can always trust that whatever I say is safe with him and he is the one to give me a totally honest opinion, even when it differs from mine.
  21. Going above and beyond on his prospective share of housework, and taking care of the least popular chores, too.
  22. Being thoughtful in his choice of shows/movies when he sees my preferences are on.
  23. Praying together and for one another.
  24. “Text me when you get there.”
  25. Giving a million and one kisses before we depart anywhere.
  26. Pursuing one another, even after all these years, and discovering new ways to do so every day.
  27. Putting his arms around me to snuggle in the morning in between his million alarms.
  28. Taking turns being strong for one another when life tries to wear us down and encouraging “us” while we see those times through.
  29. His unparalleled patience.
  30. Taking equal interest in his passions, too, (like watching him play his video games) and learning new things by his lead.
  31. In the few instances that we do bicker or disagree, we still make our love known no matter how frustrated we may be.
  32. Embracing our individual quirks and weirdness instead of trying to alter them.
  33. Asking about and taking genuine interest in each other’s day.
  34. Sharing the aux cord in the truck.
  35. Being present in the moment with me. Falling as deeply in love with our life together as possible.
  36. Compromising. Mastering the art of compromising.
  37. Always making time for us and keeping our relationship a priority. Especially after reaching the stage we have where “getting comfortable” often means putting your spark on the back burner.
  38. Considering each others’ feelings and consulting one another before making decisions.
  39. “Do you want a bite of this?”
  40. Defending each other whenever necessary. Not that we especially associate with any who put us in this position, but when those instances do arise, I can always trust he’s in my back corner even when I’m not around and vice versa.
  41. Carrying out random acts of kindness. Like filling up the truck so I don’t have to or randomly bringing each other lunch when we haven’t had any.
  42. Giving each other personal space. We do most everything together, and we both acknowledge that time apart to focus on our individual growth is just as important as the things we do to strengthen our marriage, if not more.
  43. Flirting like we are a couple of 16-year-olds again. Holding my hand at random whenever the chance is presented, planning and asking me on spontaneous dates.
  44. Paying attention and remembering even the tiniest of details. Learning to listen is such an under credited yet incredibly valuable tool in any relationship.
  45. “Put on your seatbelt.”
  46. Admitting fault and actively working on our shortcomings rather than ignoring them.
  47. Adequately expressing our appreciation for each other.
  48. Being the other’s safe haven and escape from the stressors of the outside world, not adding to them.
  49. His desire to continue traveling all around with me despite knowing and witnessing firsthand how I can get when I travel (And that alone speaks volumes).
  50. Proving our love through actions in place of merely saying it.

These are just a few of the ways we act on our love for one another regularly, though a comprehensive list of these would probably go on forever. What are some actions that say “I love you and am happy you’re in my life” for you without speaking it?

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