Our Engagement Story

“And so our adventure begins.”


I sincerely cannot believe it’s already been two years since my favorite person in existence popped that life-altering question and began the formal process of my becoming Mrs. Lawry. Like plenty of girls I know, I’d had a Pinterest board dedicated to my dream wedding well before it was ever a legitimate idea in the foreseeable future. But the one thing I’d never been able to put much thought into was the proposal – how exactly I’d be getting to that fateful wedding day. I had the guy and most of the surface details worked out; I was just missing the piece that brought it all to life. Prior to entering this military lifestyle, I couldn’t even imagine myself getting married anytime before age 25. Relationships require work, of course, and at the time I hadn’t seen too many healthy young marriages firsthand to believe it was a good thing to dive in to for myself. I love Tim, of course, but I wasn’t sure it was an all-around wise idea at the time. Besides, we didn’t have any reason to rush – we had been together for years, already lived together, split bills, etc. There was nothing I was doing now that I thought would change upon marriage.

But then that idea must’ve made its way into his mind and got ready to turn everything we thought we knew on its head. He’d told me in the very beginning stages of the enlisting process that he was only going to go through with this if I “was in it with him” – not that there was ever any other option. I had a feeling I knew what that meant at the time but I didn’t want to get ahead of myself, so I waited and let whatever was going to happen, happen on its own time and terms. There are proposals that happen mid-conversation on a Tuesday afternoon and others that include rose petals, helicopters, hidden photographers, and other grandiose gestures and absolutely everything in between. As well as I knew Tim, I couldn’t say I knew what his style would be when it came to proposing. Only time was going to be able to tell on that front.

It was a Friday, and we had spent the afternoon together as per usual, running a few errands and then taking our dogs up to a spot within our apartment complex for them to play on the beautiful spring day. We headed inside as the sun began to set, and it was once we got back that I noticed Kado had managed to slice open one of his paw pads at some point while we were outside. Being the over-the-top dog mom I am, I immediately became frantic and went into at-home-vet mode. While I was tending to our boy in our bedroom, I noticed Tim was floating throughout the rest of the house (staying mostly in the living room), which was unlike him; he’s just as overly-obsessed with our pups as I am. But he seemed to be preoccupied elsewhere, which I’d noticed but didn’t think too terribly much of at the time. He would fetch whatever I needed so I didn’t have to leave, which I thought was sweet, too.

After I finally got Kado situated, cleaned up, and comfortable, I slowly creeped toward the living room and peeked over the corner from the hallway. He was seated on a swivel chair in front of the TV, but was looking over his shoulder toward the windows that lined the two furthest walls. When I finally walked in, he stood up and looked mildly startled for a moment, but then a smile came across his face. Instead of keeping me away anymore, he got up and came over to me this time. He grabbed my hand and walked me over to where he had just been sitting. I plopped down on the couch, ready to talk dinner plans; I wasn’t entirely sure where this was going, but a proposal was certainly the furthest thing from my mind. Tim took my hands in his and began talking about how much I mean to him, how much better I’ve made him and his life overall. Of course, I melted – he’s an emotional little thing when he chooses to let that show and it really turns my heart into a puddle when he does.

He finally told me to take a look outside. When I got up and turned around, I saw ‘Will you marry me?’ spelled out in tea light candles on the ground beneath our windows (with the assistance of my mother-in-law and a good family friend). And as I turned back to face him, he was down on one knee with the most perfect ring in hand. There were tears in his eyes as he went on about how he only wanted me by his side for the rest of his days, no matter what, and then reiterated what the ground below read. I did the stereotypical hand-over-mouth motion in genuine shock that this was happening and couldn’t keep back tears of my own. There I was in cutoff shorts and dirty boots, with my hair a mess piled on the top of my head after a long day, yet I felt as if I was the single most special woman on this earth. How could I not – my best friend had just asked me if I’d spend the rest of my life as his wife?


We celebrated afterward by going out to dinner and that was the beginning of the next chapter in our love story, our becoming a new family together. This day two years ago challenged everything I thought I knew and changed my life forever in the very best ways possible. Despite not being in my original plans, getting engaged and married when we did ended up being everything I never knew I wanted or needed and now that I’m here, I couldn’t have imagined my life any other way. The proposal was everything I could’ve hoped for and more. In fact, it surpassed even my wildest dreams, simply because it came from him.

What are some of your proposal stories? Give me all the details!

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