40 Things That Make Me Happy

I believe it to be a fact that happiness is a choice. Sure, there are instances in life in which our situations are decided for us without our say so, but it’s those things we do decide for ourselves and our responses to those we don’t that matter most. We set the tone for our lives. We get to choose what we make of it. I’ve been seeing the #100HappyDays hashtag trending over my various news feeds lately and I love it! Since I’m not too good at posting every single day on all of my accounts across the board, I’ve decided to join in some of that fun for today’s post here. In no particular order, I present a list of a few things that brighten my days and make me smile.

  1. Our fur children, of course.
  2. Any view of the sky. Sunrises, sunsets, cloudless and blue, clear sights of the moon, an abundance of starts overhead, the Aurora Borealis (when I eventually get to see those) – such simple yet grandeur sights sit well with my soul.
  3. My family, the single most important unit in my life.
  4. Coffee in any form, mostly iced.
  5. Flowers. Sunflowers, peonies, garden roses, and hydrangeas are among my favorites, but even wildflowers bring me joy. (Though they aren’t flowers, succulents get an honorable mention, too.)
  6. Sleep. So much sleep.
  7. Pastel colors in spring time.
  8. Blogging. Duh.
  9. The way my husband puts his arm around me to snuggle before getting up in the morning and kisses me before he leaves anywhere.
  10. Good books.
  11. Crafting.
  12. Having the world and all it holds at my disposal (and the intention to see as much of it as physically possible).
  13. A few loyal friends.
  14. Airplane rides.
  15. The constant pursuit of adventure.
  16. Animals. All animals.
  17. Make up.
  18. Seeing others remove themselves from toxic situations and find happiness again (with others as well as within themselves).
  19. Baby bellies, pregnant bump pictures, new babies, and sweet small children.
  20. Making memories.
  21. Laughing at anything and everything.
  22. Getting outside.
  23. Venturing out of my comfort zone.
  24. Any and all things Disney. Forever and ever.
  25. Hugs.
  26. Anything pertaining to love, marriage, or weddings.
  27. Unplugging from electronics from time to time.
  28. Sidewalk chalk.
  29. Spending time at the beach. I could sit on the sand with the sun in my face at the ocean’s edge forever.
  30. Wine.
  31. Being unapologetically myself in every aspect.
  32. New tattoos.
  33. Airplane rides.
  34. Breakfast food at any other time than in the morning.
  35. Watching the enthusiasm flow through people when they talk about things they love.
  36. Road trips, with and without destinations.
  37. The fact that I get to journey through this life with my absolute best friend and the person who makes every day the very best day.
  38. Home decor.
  39. Listening to nostalgic music.
  40. Making plans for and anticipating the future.

What are some things that make you happy?

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