My Bucket (To-Do) List

“When my life comes to an end, I want to be sure I did everything I loved, and loved everything I did.”

This is my bucket list – a list of things I want to do, feel, attempt and experience before I die. It is far from finished – being made or accomplished – but I feel actually writing them down will be a good initial point for where I’d like to start, go next, and eventually end up, as well as a place to come back to when I inevitably come up with more to add. I will also include those I have successfully completed so far, as a means to reflect on how far I’ve come already.

1. Go skydiving.

2. Visit Washington, D.C. and visit all of the monuments there.

3. Get a spontaneous tattoo.

4. Eat Ramen in Japan.

5. Meet Taylor Swift.

6. Attend an outdoor music festival.

7. Visit Ireland.

8. Volunteer at an organization giving back for a major holiday.

9. Make and distribute “blessing bags” in a heavily populated area.

10. Meet my doppelgänger.

11. Celebrate my 21st birthday in Las Vegas.

12. Take a completely spontaneous road trip.

13. See the giant redwood trees.

14. Meet the love of my life.

15. Visit a wildlife sanctuary. (Playing with wolves and tigers are some of my favorite experiences to date, like ever.)

16. Become a regular at a local small business.

17. Go back to college and get a degree. (Once I figure out whatever it is I want to do with my life.)

18. Successfully complete a DIY project – with the desired outcome/end product.

19. Have my dream wedding.

20. Dip my toes in the Pacific Ocean.

21. Pack and enjoy a picnic lunch (basket and all) at a random location.

22. Learn to French braid hair.

23. Get tickets to the Ellen DeGeneres show.

24. Ride a motorcycle.

25. Visit the 7 Wonders of the World. (Old, new, natural, etc.)

26. Go to an authentic drive-in movie theater and watch a film from the bed of a pick-up truck filled with pillows and blankets.

27. Learn sign language.

28. Get something pierced.

29. Go to Greece.

30. Fall in love with my best friend.

31. Have a second (and maybe third, fourth, and fifth, etc.) honeymoon – location TBD. (Though topping the first one is going to be tough.)

32. Visit every Disney resort around the world.

33. Attend a wine and painting party.

34. Take a ride on the London Eye.

35. Visit every distillery in the state of Kentucky.

36. Go to a University of Kentucky basketball game.

37. Zip line over Fremont Street.

38. Become and remain completely debt-free. (SO close. So close on this one. And I am so excited.)

39. Buy or build our dream home.

40. Visit Australia and New Zealand.

41. Ride ATV’s somewhere/some terrain outside of Kentucky. (The Mayan jungle in Mexico was pretty rad.)

42. Learn to dance. (And not look completely awkward doing it.)

43. Ring in at least one New Year in Times Square.

44. Swim with dolphins.

45. Travel to every major continent. (The countries range far too long to all be listed here, so that sums it up well enough.)

46. Experience the Aurora Borealis.

47. Make genuine friendships that last a lifetime. (I have a couple of these now, eager to see if more cross my path.)

48. Visit the Eiffel Tower.

49. Take my husband to Ecuador.

50. Make a major change to my hair color. (Like. I’m talking drastic.)

51. Leave a note in Juliet’s Wall.

52. Move to a new city where I don’t know a single soul. (With the exception of my husband.)

53. Visit Hawaii.

54. Change someone’s life – preferably for the better.

55. Attend an award show red carpet.

56. Own my own business.

57. Figure out what my dream car is and own one.

58. Leave a large but inconspicuous tip on a small bill for an unsuspecting waitress.

59. Watch a show on Broadway.

60. Successfully teach Tim Spanish.

61. Overcome my biggest fear(s).

62. See New York City in all of its Christmastime splendor.

63. Take on new experiences at least every other weekend with the love of my life (no matter how big or small).

64. Visit at least one of the studio filming locations of our favorite TV shows, films, etc.

65. Take a trip to Gatlinburg since their devastating fires.

66. Visit every national park in the country.

67. Hike more.

68. Cross the Golden Gate Bridge.

69. Go snorkeling.

70. See more sunrises/sunsets from the beach.

71. Donate (time, resources, etc.) regularly.

72. Worry less.

73. Try new foods whenever possible.

74. Live in as many different places as possible.

75. Visit all 50 states.

76. Take a ride on a gondola.

77. Go on a cruise at least once in my adult life.

78. Ride in a hot air balloon.

79. Go zip lining.

80. Go on an African safari.

81. Own every Disney movie.

82. See the Grand Canyon.

83. Stay in an overwater bungalow (because I’m entirely too chicken to stay in an underwater accommodation).

84. Spend Halloween in Salem, MA.

85. Ride an elephant.

86. Walk on the Great Wall of China.

87. Visit Ground Zero.

88. Soak in Iceland’s Blue Lagoon.

89. Visit a pink or black sand beach (or both).

90. Take a tour of a vineyard.

91. Plant a garden (and keep it alive).

92. Throw a dart at a map and travel to wherever it lands.

93. Buy a spontaneous plane ticket.

94. Visit a real life castle.

95. Attend a local town festival.

96. Ride horses on the beach.

97. See the Hollywood sign and the Walk of Fame.

98. See the pyramids in Egypt.

99. Fill my passport with stamps.

100. Actually accomplish as many things on this list as possible with the love of my life along for the ride.

I firmly believe in making the most of this life, as we’re only given one to live. All too often, I see people pushing off opportunities for a handful of reasons, but with tomorrow not being guaranteed, it’s even more important to pursue the things that set our souls on fire. Someday when I find myself reflecting back on my lifetime, I want to be satisfied in knowing that I followed my dreams and always tried to the best of my abilities to make the most of the years I was given. This list is far from complete, but I anticipate crossing off as many from its current state as possible, as well as seeing what other new ideas make their way here over time. Feel free to share some ideas of your own, or hopefully at the very least, it inspires you to begin pursuing one, too!

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