Christmas Traditions 2016

Is anyone else in disbelief that Christmas is at the end of this week? I can’t even wrap my head around it. The holidays this year are different than years past to say the least, but that hasn’t been in a negative way. Being in our new home has given us ample opportunity to come into our own, as individuals, a couple, and as a new family overall; we’re able to “do our own thing”, so to speak. And Christmas has been no exception! Here’s a list of traditions we’ve developed in our home this holiday season:


  • Our family photo shoot & Christmas cards! I’m not sure this one is terribly original, and I’ve put Tim through quite a few photo sessions this year (God bless that man for loving me enough to put up with them and for smiling on command like a pro), but something about this one was different. We haven’t taken family photos (yes, our pups are family) since our engagement session, so I really wanted a professional, new, and updated picture of the four of us together. And we got just that! We printed out a handful of them on cards and sent those out to our loved ones all over, so that at least a part of us was with them this time of year, even if we weren’t. Definitely going to try our very best to make that a tradition going forward!
  • Personalized ornaments. Also cliché, but I have an unnatural obsession with personalized Christmas ornaments. Tim and I have gotten one almost every year we’ve been together, and I love hanging them up and seeing our collection grow as the years go by. They started off being for the two of us, we’re now adding ones for our pups, and I anticipate seeing how they evolve and expand in the years to come!
  • Cooking a familiar meal (or single aspect of a meal) of mine on Christmas Eve, and one of his on Christmas Day. Tim and I came from two very different households growing up. There are some pieces of those that we’ve bucked since coming together, but there are others we’ve taken from and made our own twist(s) on, too. We’ve decided that this year, I’ll be making one of my favorite meals of my mother’s for Christmas Eve dinner, and on Christmas Day, we’ll be making a breakfast that he loves (he’s also getting lucky and getting his choice of dinner, courtesy of our lovely friends hosting us then). I appreciate the compromise and that we both get our own piece of where we come from.
  • Christmas movie must-watch list in our household. The Santa Clause series is a MUST in our house, although it is a constant war waged back and forth about it; Tim hates the 3rd movie, while the 1st in the series is my least favorite. The Year Without Santa Claus is Tim’s childhood favorite that we’ve carried over to now (further proof that I love him, as I’m not huge into the claymations personally). We also always watch Christmas with the Kranks, Elf, The Polar Express, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas.
  • Wine night on Christmas Eve. This is a new one we’re starting altogether, but it very well might be the one I’m most excited about/looking forward to continuing. We are both reasonable adult beverage fans, and there’s nothing that helps me unwind and relax like a glass of wine at the end of the day. Fortunately, Tim shares that same general enjoyment of wine and we decided to go somewhere with that. We’ve acquired a meat and cheese platter and a bottle of wine to enjoy just being together on Christmas Eve after everything else is put in place. Simple, for no particular reason, but uniquely us, and perfect in that way.
  • Christmas goodies. I think baking a particular set of treats this time of year is on just about everyone’s list, but this is the first time I’ve taken on the task myself. We each got one choice of something sweet, and then we chose one together. This year, my pick was cake batter blizzard cookies, his was peanut butter blossoms, and together, we chose buckeyes for another taste of home. So. Much. Yum.
  • Spoiling our puppers rotten. Yes, right now our dogs are our kids. Yes, they’ll continue to get a decent amount of gifts even if/when they aren’t our only ones. We might go overboard for them, but I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Not the lengthiest list, but not too shabby of a start if I do say so myself! What are some of your or your family’s holiday traditions? Share in the comments!

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