Happy Anniversary, Life of Lawry!

Hello, beautiful readers! And terribly sorry about the unintentional hiatus from the blogosphere. I know it seems to be the excuse whenever I disappear, but I sometimes wish I was exaggerating. If nothing else, though, the constant chaos that is my life makes for wonderful new content for my blog! Today is also a year ago exactly since I launched this site, so I figured it was the best day to make time to get a new post out.

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Since my last update, I left my first “big girl” and long-term job at the bank. It truly sucked, even more so than I was anticipating. While I’d known for months that that day was coming eventually, turning in my two week notice was genuinely painful – and boy, did those final two weeks fly by. The entirety of my almost two years there seemed to chug along ever so slowly (some days far more than others), but as soon as I had a last day finalized, time seemed to blend together into one unit that whizzed past at supersonic speed. Actually saying goodbye to my coworkers was somehow even more difficult than I’d envisioned; I know it was going to be terrible, but it was somehow even worse than how I’d seen it pan out in my mind. Even if I wasn’t the closest to these people outside of work, I did spend day in and day out with them, 9+ hours a day, Monday through Friday and occasional weekends. I filled them in on my good times, the bad ones, and everything in between; by the time I was done, Tim had become the most “known, unknown” individual on the 15th floor. Despite only hanging out outside of there a handful of times (with the exception of our lunchtime outings), I can wholeheartedly say that these guys helped me maintain my sanity on the tougher times throughout Tim’s Marine Corps journey thus far. And I’m more grateful to them for that than I can ever find the words to say. I’m not sure I would have made it through this much in tact – if you can call it that – without y’all. Thank you so much for everything, guys. (I can’t name names because my list would go on forever, but y’all know who you are!)


From the moment I’d gotten the word from Tim to submit my two week notice, everything seemed to happen so fast. The next thing I knew, he had a date to pick up the keys to our house, a date the packers/movers were coming, and was actively working on his paperwork to be able to come home to help me move the truck and our pups. The months and months and months of waiting for answers now had come to a screeching halt and things were picking up almost more quickly than I could keep up with. Once I left the bank, I began cleaning and washing our things and the apartment overall in preparation for this move. There never seemed to be enough hours in the day, but I soaked up what time I had left with those I loved. We received the remainder of our anniversary/after wedding shoot photos back (!!!) and, as always, they were nothing short of perfection. Contrary to what I’d been expecting, Tim actually loved that we were getting done up and looking nice in wedding attire again, even if it was just for a few pictures. So much so, that he asked if we could “get married every year”. Sweetheart, I’d marry you every hour of every day if it were possible. And I will be more than happy to put on that gown once a year just for fun, too.

travel1His request to come home for our portion of the move was approved 2 days before he left (in typical Marine Corps fashion), and he at long last was able to make his way back. Our final days in our first apartment were spent overseeing the packing and moving of all of our things, and deep cleaning like we’ve never before cleaned in our life. Saying goodbye  “see ya later” to my sister and very best friend in this world – no matter how crazy she makes me sometimes – was sincerely the worst part of this entire experience. It was late and we were both exhausted and sobbing messes, and it was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do in my life overall. While I’m thankful to live in an era of FaceTime and instant texts/messages, all I’ve had for a good while now was her and our pups and our little life here. I couldn’t yet wrap my head around the fact that that wasn’t going to be the case anymore. But I am more proud of her than I will ever be able to say for picking herself up and making a life of her own, even if that didn’t include me as closely anymore. Though I’d be lying if I said I didn’t immediately begin looking into flights to visit (from her to me or vice versa) almost immediately after we left.


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The drive out here itself was not nearly as bad as I’d thought it was going to be. We would head out every morning around 3 or 4 am, and managed to complete the 31ish hour trek in less than 3 full days. I actually really enjoyed the drive, despite the horrible things I’d heard; never having been out West beyond Vegas, it was intriguing seeing the variety of terrain and watching the landscape change as we went along. We laughed, we listened to music, we told stories and jokes, and played games to pass the time. The puppers did surprisingly well in the truck, too, which was the biggest relief to Tim and I. Kado had never been in a car for longer than it took to get to the dog park back home, and Harlow had a brief history of getting car sick as a puppy. But they were excellent the entire way – she slept a majority of the time she was in there and he was good for the most part as long as he could look out the window or fit his head in between our seats and the center console up front. There were plenty of potty breaks and fortunately no accidents as a result! I could not have hoped for a better outcome on that front, either.

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We arrived at our new place in the evening hours of that 3rd day. It was everything I could have hoped for for us and so much more. The size was more than big enough and provided a handful of amenities that weren’t previously made available to us in our old apartment. Just one example, the yard – it isn’t the biggest by any stretch of the imagination, but our guys love it so much, and that’s enough for us. It took only a few days to have our things delivered, thank God. But I’m now struggling getting through the rest of this unpacking; once all of the big and fun things are put together and taken care of, it’s hard to find the inspiration to get the rest of it all situated. But everything falling into place is definitely helping me push on and keep busy. I cannot wait to share the finished product when it is all said and done!

Tim and I spent our one year wedding anniversary on the road for the first day of our drive to Cali. We celebrated with a lavish Taco Bell drive thru dinner and being in bed in our hotel room, asleep by 7 pm. Probably not anyone’s first choice of how to spend something like that, but we were so exhausted by the end of that day that we were happy just to have gotten to be together for it. In our first year of marriage, we had spent technically one holiday together – and Memorial Day wasn’t exactly my first choice or the cheeriest to be the first I spent with my husband since our wedding date. No other special occasions, birthdays, anything since he left for boot camp last year. So that made this anniversary that much special – not only had we overcome everything that first year hurled at us, but we got to celebrate that triumph in each others’ arms, and that is far greater a gift than anything I could have dreamed of.


They say the first year of marriage is the hardest, and there are countless articles explaining how to ‘survive’ that first year. And I can’t really wrap my head around why that’s expressed that way, but it warms my heart to know that relationship-wise, I never felt that my marriage was something I struggled to maintain or survive. The circumstances surrounding it? Absolutely. But loving him is no different or more difficult now than it was the day I started. In fact, it’s as easy as breathing. One year of goodbyes, of ugly cries, and of struggling to adapt to this lifestyle. One whole year of sweet reunions, of FaceTime dates, and of laughing until we’re in tears. 365 days of  learning to grow together despite being apart, of cherishing what little time we did get to physically spend together, and of falling more in love with him with every mile that separated us. If that was the hardest of what’s to come (unlikely, but as the saying goes), continuing life with my person is off to a fabulous start, and I look forward to what and where the next years bring us.

after-wedding-3And while on the topic of anniversaries, another I’m celebrating is that of this blog! Happy birthday, LifeOfLawry.com! A year ago today, I began the random ramblings about my life and our goings on that people somehow found worth reading. A handful of posts, a couple thousand views/viewers, and a growing follower base later, and I’m somehow even more passionate about this online realm than I was when I began. I’m still adjusting to all things that come with this military lifestyle (I’m not nearly as clueless as I was when I began, but I still have a ways to go – it’s helpful that Tim seems to have endless patience and enjoys explaining things to me), but I’ve developed a basic understanding and continue to learn new things every day. Running this blog space has taught me so much, helped me make insightful connections, and has served as a positive outlet for me and evidently for others throughout the its brief “life”. I’ve gotten countless personal messages complimenting my posts and thanking me for writing and sharing the things I have, and that proves to me that people are not only reading what I have to say, but are obviously responding and are able to relate to it. I am so unbelievably glad I took this plunge a year ago, and I anticipate watching what else this blog space continues to grow into!

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