General Life Update

Greetings, y’all! Sorry for the serious hiatus here. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten the opportunity to write, but life does that to us from time to time. Despite it only a couple of months, there has been so much that’s happened for Tim and I, both, that’s made our lives nothing short of a whirlwind.

Probably the biggest announcement to come is finally finding out his duty station: California, the Lawrys are coming for you! (Anyone else having The O.C. flashbacks? Califoooorniaaaa, here we come. We got really lucky, as it was Tim’s first choice to end up on the West Coast. It definitely helps that a handful of his friends from where he is currently will be out there, as well. PLUS, both of our very best friends are stationed in San Diego, too, so it’s off to a very promising start already. HOWEVER – once the novelty of constant sunshine and beautiful places, things, and people wears off, reality sets in; we’re going to be moving completely across the country, countless hours and thousands of miles from our families, the bulk of our friends, and everything we’ve ever come to know thus far in our adult lives. It is the most incredible, yet terrifying opportunity ever, but one that I am glad we’ve been presented with and are taking.

The furthest I’ve ever made it out West was to Las Vegas for my 21st, and while it’s as polar opposite from the place I call home now, I’m anticipating the change of scenery and lifestyle. We are both big into traveling, so that was one of the redeeming qualities through all the chaos that is the military lifestyle. The West Coast’s diverse geography calls to my inner adventurer – beaches, mountains, forestry, deserts, you name it. I’m so eager to experience the cultures found there, to explore the place that will become our (undoubtedly temporary) home with my love. More than anything, though, I am absolutely elated to finally be living under the same roof on a more permanent basis again, if only for a moment (or for however long the Marine Corps says I can have him).

Most people might not look forward to moving what may as be on the other side of the world (or continental U.S.) from everything they know and love, but I’m experiencing the exact opposite sentiment, if I’m being completely honest with myself. Of course, there area couple of things that are tugging on my heart strings and making this transition a difficult one for me, but for the most part, I am more excited than I can say to finally have the opportunity to get to enjoy being a newlywed couple and new family with my husband whom I’ve spent a total of less than 3 months collectively with throughout our first year of marriage. I can’t wait to start our own family traditions, to spend holidays and special occasions how we see fit, and just to simply get the chance to stand totally and completely alone and come into our own. I also think it’ll work wonders to make us appreciate back home, too – or open our eyes to another way of life so different from that we’ve known to eventually put down our roots.

In addition to the news of our impending move, I celebrated my birthday early last month, Fourth of July came and went – Happy birthday, America! – and Tim finally turned 21. He was of course away for that, but my mom and sisters unexpectedly came into town to celebrate with me, so that was refreshing and much needed. I’ve been working 60+ hour work weeks for the past couple months in preparation for our relocation – yes, without even knowing if or when I’ll get to go – and am happy to say it’s already beginning to pay off. We’ve managed to buy all of the furnishings for our new home whenever we get there already, and are working now on setting aside funds for the road trip there itself, and as a nest egg for us to get established. So the crazy work ethic/hours is slowly but surely proving to be well worth it. I haven’t seen him since my Memorial Day visit in an effort to be “mature adults” and save up those funds instead, but despite it only being a season, it feels like an entire lifetime. Fortunately he graduates and comes home for a couple days soon, so that distance is coming to a close fast – just to make room for the next bought when he moves on to Cali to get himself situated and start the ball rolling on the necessities for our life out there. Womp.

Aside from all of that, my existence has focused primarily on working my life away, managing the household when I’m not working, and beginning the packing process for all of the changes I’m headed straight toward. I’ve also been planning a sort of going away party for all of our family and friends, and find myself oddly excited about it. Not looking forward to having to say goodbye, of course, but growing increasingly eager for sweet our reunion with each day that passes. In fact, thinking too much about all that I will be leaving behind breaks my heart. But what I will be gaining through this experience will certainly be worth all of this madness in the meantime. Fortunately, too, quite a few of our immediate family members are big travelers, as well. So hopefully we’ll have a pretty steady flow of visitors once we’re established in our new home.

I will do my very best not to fall off the face of the earth (or at least the blogosphere) again anytime soon. In all of the madness that has become my daily life, I’d almost forgotten how liberating writing was; it would probably do my mental health a world of good on the especially tough days. Plus, keeping everyone updated on the million new and exciting things headed our way will hopefully keep me inspired (and busy)! Until next time, guys.



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