Once Upon A Time…

A boy met a girl and that kicked off the rest of their lives. Our own personal love story formally began 5 years ago yesterday. On June 4, 2011, I attended a friend’s 16th birthday expecting not much more than that; certainly never once awaiting that night to change my life forever. I’d never so much as had a “serious” boyfriend (as serious as you can have at that age), much less was I anticipating meeting the man who wold become my best friend, my soulmate, and eventually, my husband.

The party was simple and sweet; a group of girls I’d gone to high school with getting together once again for a nice night out. There was a party bus that took us to a local Italian restaurant for dinner, and then to the Levee to walk around after our meal. It was a good time – and it meant even more to me because it served as an opportunity for me to see our group of friends before I moved to Florida in a month or so’s time. After enjoying the evening out, we returned to the home of the birthday girl to conclude the night with a sleepover, a bonfire, and some swimming in the pool. And that was where I finally met him.

Again, I didn’t have too much experience with relationships or guys in general. The little I did did not end very well at all – and that was enough to keep me more than content with being single and on my own. But our first interaction wasn’t immediately romantic. He was a nice boy who happened to live a few houses down from my friend’s home, and they’d grown up in that same neighborhood together. I’d had one class (so far at the time) during my high school career with him, and though I’d taken him to be funny and friendly with most anyone, I didn’t know him will enough to formulate any lasting opinion of him overall. So that night we formally were introduced to each other. We sat beside the fire pit and talked for hours; it was there that he made me my first s’more ever – before that night, I’d always just eaten the chocolate before they were ever assembled. And he somehow made it just right & the way I like them to this day. I remember that very first night, he told me that he wanted to have 6 kids someday – 5 girls and one boy. He told me all about his family and his friends and his likes and dislikes. At some point during the night, a group of the us decided that we wanted to walk to the Speedway nearby for snacks. So we did; and Tim continued to walk and talk with me the whole way there and back.

We truly did spend that entire first night together – and no, not in the way that may sound. But as truly innocent as possible. Which, as I’d come to know from listening to my friends’ stories and experiences at the time, was saying a lot in itself. The few other girls that had stayed awake through the night and I finally decided we wanted to lay down around 8 a.m. that next morning – but our things were all still inside. Some of them were able to grab their overnight bags and pillows and blankets from inside, but I was not so fortunate – my things were in the room with a sleeping baby that I couldn’t bring myself to even risk waking just yet. I was more than content with sharing with a friend or even resorting to any lawn furniture around until I eventually went home. But this boy I’d just met was not having any part of that. Tim walked up to his house and returned to me with a pillow and comforter in hand; to this day, I have that same comforter in our closet. He began taking care of me that very night and has continued to ever since.

In the 5 years since that night, we have endured long distance twice now, school dances, completed our high school careers & graduated together. We’ve gone on countless road trips, vacations, and traveled to paradise together. We’ve faced trials and tribulations, some heartache, more arguments and tears than I wish we would have, and a little time apart. We’ve tried our hand at the whole college thing (even though that didn’t work out at the time) and found grown up jobs we love. We’ve moved out into our first place together and became parents to the two most perfect fur children. We got engaged, and were blessed with the wedding of our dreams. I got to watch you graduate from boot camp at Parris Island and you have always been my biggest fan in anything I’ve taken on. We’ve done some serious growing up together over the past 5 years, and I am so grateful for it all – the good, the bad, and the ugly included. I am blessed beyond belief to have found the one whom my soul loves as early in life as I have and am over the moon to see where this journey continues to take us.


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