April Wrap Up

If I’m being totally honest, the spring/early summer months are usually kind of a blur in my book on an average year. After my sister’s birthday in March, the subsequent months all typically run together for me until mine and Tim’s birthdays in early July. This year, however, was different. This year, the month of April was probably one of the best I’ll have all year, despite the constant rain. And I’d like to take time to reflect on it for that reason.

Let’s begin with the obvious – Tim got to come home!!! (!!!) Timothy. Got to. Come home. And spend the entire month of April with me. I don’t have the slightest idea as to how I got lucky enough for that one, but it was wholeheartedly one of the best times of my life so far. Here’s a comprehensive list of all of the things we got to do together while he was here:

  • Visited with friends and family, old and new.
  • Purchased some new and much needed bedroom furniture.
  • Filed our taxes for the first time together and on our own.
  • Discovered $2 Tuesdays at Longneck’s and spent about every Tuesday there celebrating.
  • Went hiking at the Natural Bridge. (My first time ever there!)
  • Visited the shooting range.
  • Had the opportunity to get up close and personal with wolves at Wolf Creek Habitat.
  • Attended a Reds game at Great American Ballpark.
  • Got ourselves some badass matching/couple tattoos.

I know, I know – it probably doesn’t sound too impressive to the average person. But to someone who hasn’t had their husband home for an extended period of time (longer than a week and a half) since October of last year, to someone who has worked tirelessly to keep my head above water and adapt to life as a party of one (and has kind of rocked it out, not to toot my own horn), to me, those four weeks and all of the adventures they held meant the world and then some. Being able to come home in the evening (thanks to my new first shift work schedule – S/O to U.S. Bank for that one) and start dinner, to have Tim walk through the door and sit down to enjoy a meal together, our many nap dates (we are kind of notorious for those), watching him play Xbox (no matter how many hours he spent or how bad he was doing it), or even simply cleaning house together all made me feel as if I were on top of the world – like I’d won the lottery of life. And in a way, I did.

It isn’t an impossibility that that very well could have been the last time he got to enjoy “home” before relocating sometime in the near future. So to get to soak up the most “normal” schedule our life has seen since he left for boot camp last year was a blessing far beyond my wildest hopes and dreams. And for that reason, the many times our living room and bedroom looked as if they’d vomited up the entirety of his UK wardrobe, the countless almost faceplants that occurred as a result of tripping over his boots, or my occasional desires to rip him out of bed with my bare hands when he would’ve been perfectly content with spending all day sleeping all forced me to take a step back and appreciate that at least these annoyances were happening here in front of me – at least he was home with me again to do them.

Once I’d reminded myself of that fact, I took an entirely new approach to the given situation(s) every time. Then, instead of  becoming irritated at his slow starts in the morning or sitting on my phone and scrolling for hours until he woke up, I’d purposely set my alarm to 15 or 20 minutes earlier than usual and put the phone down so I had time to snuggle with him, crankiness and all. Instead of wanting to smack him with the very boot I almost ate sh*t tripping over, I found myself grateful to even have the opportunity as those boots in the house is one of the most satisfying sights in a relationship like this. I wholeheartedly welcomed even the worst of his work days, because at least he got to vent and complain about them to me face-to-face instead of through a screen. My eyes have been opened wide to all that I once took for granted, and taught me to cherish even the littlest things. While our situation isn’t ideal, spending time apart the way we do makes every kiss and hug feel almost as electrifying as the very first one; it tests and tries us in ways we didn’t know we could, or even know we needed to keep our relationship thriving as strong and as happily as it is.

No matter the number of miles between us, I am so grateful for Tim, our marriage, and what we have together, whether we are geographically in the same place or far apart. He is worth all that comes with this new lifestyle and so much more. Home is truly wherever in this world that I’m with you.

And I am so blessed and so grateful. Always.

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