Achievement Unlocked: December is here at last!

Happiest of Tuesday’s, everyone! And do you want to know why especially that is? Because it is officially December, and I am now formally one month closer to getting my handsome husband back! *queue happy dance*

Looking back at it, November sincerely flew by. It was here and gone in a second, and I am so beyond relieved by that fact. For the most part, it passed pretty painlessly. But the last week proved to be a bit more difficult for me than I’d anticipated. Likely because it finally hit me that Tim was really gone for our first “major” married holiday like a brick house. There was a twinge of sadness as the day began, but that was very much short-lived.

My Thanksgiving Day was all-around the epitome of pure love. Not only was I fortunate enough to spend my day at 3 – yes, 3 – different places with those nearest and dearest to me, but I was also met with overwhelming support in the form of Facebook messages, texts, and phone calls. Food, stretchy pants, beautiful weather, football – could a more perfect day exist? You’d be amazed at how little time you have to sulk when surrounded by positivity in every direction. I can’t adequately put into words how much I cherish each and every person who was there when I needed them most, and I know for a fact that Tim is unbelievably appreciative of that, as well. In typical Tim Lawry fashion, he continues to worry and think about me despite everything else he’s currently going through, bless his heart.

I also find it amazing how only in times of hardships do the “reals” and “fakes” sort themselves out and make their true colors known to you. Tim and I are each other’s closest friends primarily, but there were plenty of people we believed were in our close inner circle. So you can imagine my (somewhat) surprise as time goes on and gets more difficult, looking around and finding that circle dwindled down to next-to-nothing. It’s a cruel fact of life, unfortunately, and one we all need to learn. I guess I’d foolishly led myself to hope that I was wrong on this one, and that I would find support in all those I’d expected to from the get-go. But it was then that I realized something of vital importance; the value of that support system does not at all find itself in quantity, but instead in the quality of those still in my back corner when the rest have faded to black. That, dear readers, is genuine love and friendship. And I find myself so fortunate to have established that at such a young age and important stage in my life. I am thankful for every individual who has not only stuck by my side through this crazy ride, but also lifted me up when it was getting me down. I am more grateful for each of you than I can ever possibly say (that means a lot coming from me), and love you all even more than that.

Now that the November chapter has officially been closed, the worrisome nerves I’d felt in my stomach are beginning to transition into anxious butterflies as the days dwindle down; I can almost feel our reunion hug now. December has plenty of time off of work, birthdays, even more holidays, family time, and ample opportunity to assist with the steady passage of time. I’ve officially made it a full calendar month without Tim and while I’m not exactly happy about that, I’m happy to have that much behind us and honestly am proud of myself for making what I wanted to out of the situation handed to me, not the other way around. Here soon, I will be planning and readying myself for my trip to bring my wonderful man home – and that alone is enough to keep me pushing forward, even on the bad days.

Peace, love, and blessings,


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