This Week in Review

Sunday’s have become a breath of fresh air and moment of clarity in an increasingly chaotic daily life. Currently, the washer, dryer, and dish washer are all going, our pups are enjoying their dinner, and I’m debating on putting the Christmas tree together (yes, I’m one of those people – no, I don’t want your opinion on it, thank you). Trashy reality is showcased on our TV, I’ve got chocolate chip cookies in the oven, and the world is at ease. I get to enjoy the last of my free time before jumping right into another work week – that’s one thing that hasn’t changed in Tim’s absence; weekends fly by just as quickly now as they did then.

Earlier this week, Tim’s recruiter got me his mailing address, and I sent out the first bundle letters I’ve written since he’s been gone. I’ve consistently written one every day beginning the moment we got back from dropping him off in Louisville, and I have no plan whatsoever on stopping that anytime soon. I begin each new day with a letter to him and grow more and more anxious until I am able to check the mail for anything from him once I get home at night. If there’s one thing I’ve learned so far (or heard repeatedly from others) with anything regarding boot camp, it’s to remain painfully patient, no matter what. Since Tim’s initial voicemail confirming his arrival at Parris Island, I hadn’t received anything from him. I knew his first letter was going to take some time, but as the days trickled by, each yielding nothing, it’s safe to say I was a bit disappointed. My excitement anticipating a letter quickly turned into anxiety that something may have been wrong; I’m a worrier by nature, so that was to be expected.

When the end of the work week came and passed and still brought nothing, I decided myself that if I’d still not received anything by Monday, I was going to be contacting his recruiter like that overly worrisome wife, but I didn’t care. I needed to know that he was okay, one way or another, and I wasn’t too concerned with how that made me look. I went to fetch the mail that next morning with little to no expectations, after being disappointed each day this week, and was absolutely overjoyed to see that familiar chicken scratch handwriting of his on an envelope in the very front. I don’t think I could have physically run upstairs more quickly and ripped it open.

Inside was a pre-typed letter, his form letter. I knew that this was the first one I would be receiving, so I was not the least bit disappointed when it wasn’t Tim’s own words put down on paper. It contained his platoon and emergency contact information, and again, did not contain anything else inside in his handwriting beyond his and our address on the front of the envelope. I could not have been happier if it had been my Christmas gifts delivered to me early by Santa Claus himself. Just as I was feeling discouraged and at my wit’s end, Tim – even from as far away as he is – managed to come in and pick me back up when I needed it the most. That generic letter alone has managed to rekindle and revitalize my waning spirits to take this upcoming week head on.

Fortunately for me, these upcoming few weeks have plenty to serve as distractions – weekend working time, comp hours during the week, Thanksgiving, so I’m confident that those are just a few of the things that will help keep my mind occupied. With any luck, I’ll be receiving my first real letter from Tim sometime this week. I don’t expect it to be much between how exhausted he undoubtedly is these days, paired with how little free time he has, but something – anything, as this point – will be better than absolutely nothing at all. So fingers crossed and prayers, please, that I’m graced with some kind of real update this week.

IMG_6094Something else that has assisted in both occupying my time and providing me an inside look on what Tim is going through until he is able to tell me himself has been Making the Corps by Thomas E. Ricks. A book recommended to me by a fellow Marine recruit’s girlfriend, Making the Corps tracks the true accounts of the recruits of platoon 3086 through their 13 weeks of basic training. It provides genuine insight, not only into the grueling training these young men go through, but the actual thought processes they possess through it all, as well. I was able to score this find for $13 with free 2-day shipping off of Amazon, and I cannot bring myself to put it down. It has been a good read to occupy my new 1-hour bus ride to and from work, but has also assisted in painting an accurate picture for me of just what Tim is going through while he’s away.

So far, so good, guys. I’m successfully maintaining my household, job, and somewhat of a social life with ease. I’m keeping my head above water, and doing so well. I thank God every day for this beautiful life that we live. While I would naturally rather have my husband here with me, I’m far too proud of the decisions he’s choosing to make and where he is going in life to say I would change a thing about where we are now. Nothing worth having ever comes easy, but the sacrifices being made are all for a greater purpose beyond us both. And at the end of each day, no matter how tiring or trying, I am honored to be married to such a selfless person.

Endless love & good vibes,


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