Welcome, November!

It’s officially the 1st of November, which means I am officially one month closer to being reunited with my handsome man! We celebrate even the smallest of victories around here, so while he hasn’t exactly been gone all that long yet, the passage of time is STILL the passage of time, and we will (somewhat soon) be together once again! *Queue happy dance here* !!!

It’s been an interesting experience, continuing life without him. In a way, I’m appreciative of it – I enjoy the opportunity to be reminded that I can and will find a way for myself at the end of every day and reestablishing my identity as an individual instead of simply as someone’s wife. My own independence is something I have always prided myself on – plus, it’s wildly refreshing rejuvenating other relationships and friendships, too. Healthy, even. And I’ve never been one that minded being alone. But when you spend day in and day out with someone and they suddenly aren’t a part of that routine anymore? Yes, it creates a noticeable and sometime painful missing piece. And there is nothing wrong with missing that or the person in question.

This initial transition time has truly flown by, and I’m hoping that’s an encouraging indicator of how the rest of our time apart may go. In this first snippet alone, we have gotten a new living room furniture set, juggled a couple stressful work days and schedules, celebrated Halloween, and donated our previous living room furniture to a local family in need, that was so genuinely appreciative for it that it made my heart swell. Work does a tremendous job at occupying the bulk of my time, and between that, our fur children, letter writing (religiously), blogging, maintaining our household and then myself, in all actuality, I am left with little free time to sulk or be sad in his absence. I think about him constantly, but with the daily writing of letters to him – despite them not being sent out yet – is almost reminiscent of the regular texts we used to send on a normal basis. I’m sure it will feel even more so that way when I receive his correspondence back (Fingers crossed that I get that mailing address by the end of this week – these letters are piling up quickly on our coffee table). I am 100% positive that the pictures I am sending him of our dogs in costume will brighten even the worst day he could have.

While it’s naturally unfortunate that Tim won’t be around for the holidays, I’m surprisingly comforted by the realization that the passing of each one marks that much more of this journey being over, and that we are approaching the end. We already have Halloween under our belt, which means the next one I have my sights set on – and will also be a victory in itself once we get there – is Thanksgiving. The incessant ‘go go go‘ of the holiday season, paired with constant surrounding of loved ones should definitely help lessen the blow of his attendance gap, as well as help me to focus on that cheeriness instead of the sad. Thanksgiving will be followed quickly in procession by Christmas, then New Years. And before I know it (seriously), Tim’s graduation day will be upon us and I will have forgotten all about this distance when I’m back in his arms again!

Until next time, guys. And as always, thank you for reading and coming along for this wild ride.


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