Just a little Thankful Thursday.

As our days together dwindle down, I can’t help but wish I could freeze time. This past week has flew by in what feels like mere seconds, and I’ve never before in my life dreaded a weekend more than I have this one coming up. I know these upcoming days, too, will be here and gone in the blink of an eye. But this post isn’t going to be a ‘woe is me’ pity party – no, this one is going to focus solely on why I’m such a lucky girl, despite circumstances being what some might call less-than-ideal.

  • How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard? I’m so blessed to have found another person whom my heart loves so dearly that it can look distance and time apart in the face and laugh, knowing fully well that we will overcome. It certainly isn’t going to be easy – in fact, it’s going to be really, really, really hard. Harder than anyone else who hasn’t especially been in this situation or one similar would be able to comprehend. But that’s the beauty in this ‘test’; that at the end, we will emerge – still hand-in-hand – stronger than we were before, with a better appreciation of each other, our relationship, and so much more. And that will make all of this heartache and missing him worth it. I’m also endlessly grateful to him for always making sure I am taken care of, in any and every way possible. I could not have made a more solid choice in a partner for the rest of my life.
  • I’m so thankful for all of the amazing people I have on my side. A lot of those that have crossed paths with Tim and myself and actually stick around blur the ordinary friendship lines and often find themselves more like family. That’s a rarity these days, in a society that’s growing increasingly selfish, but we somehow still manage to find and associate ourselves with the very best kind of people who, in turn, bring out the best in us. Something about surrounding oneself with good people inspires you to want to be the best you can be, too. And that’s a beautiful thing. The outpouring of support for us both has meant more to us than we would be able to adequately express – I firmly believe that it is through that support that I am able to even talk about Tim leaving without being a complete blubbering mess. And I wouldn’t have gotten to that point without the love and assistance of each and every one of you. For that, as well as many things else, I am endlessly appreciative.
  • I’m thankful day in and day out for the job I am fortunate enough to hold. Not many people my age at this stage in their lives find themselves able to say such a thing, but I truly got luckier than I ever expected when receiving this position and am even more blessed to still hold it today. Like anything else, there are days I’d like to rip my hair out. But it is through my employment there that I am able to provide independently for myself and my little family, which makes it all worth it in the end – bad days and all.
  • I’m grateful every moment of every day for my baby pups. Some people may think I go a bit overboard when it comes to our dogs, but there’s something about the way they make me feel that is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. While it is still many years off for us, having children is something Tim and I one day aspire to do. But until we reach the appropriate time for that, these guys filled any void we may have had and replaced it with complete chaos and unwavering love. If you think my hands are full with those two, you should see my heart.
  • I’m thankful for chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, Shark Tank, this blog space, and peaceful weekends spent doing next-to-nothing.
  • Lastly, I’m thankful for the passage of time. 2015 went by more quickly than I could register it, and while that’s a bit disheartening, it reinforces that these not-so-happy days, too, shall pass. Some day eventually when Tim and I are in a new home and reminiscing on the way things once were, it will be nothing more than a distant memory. While it hurts to spend our first ‘married’ holidays separately, I know that it bring me that much closer to the next ones that we won’t have to be. And I certainly can’t wait for that.

Happy Thursday, everyone! Don’t forget to always count your blessings, today and every day.



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